"When I Do, You Do" Applause

Give the order: "When I applaud, you applaud--when I don't, you don't Go through several false motions to see if you can catch the group napping.

A Hand And A Foot

Applaud with hands and feet.


A Nickel's Worth

Flip your thumb as though flipping a coin, then catch it and slap it on the back of your hand.

Abe Lincoln Cheer

That was great! HONEST!

Alka Seltzer Cheer

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh what a relief it is.


With hands far apart, bring them rapidly together but miss just before meeting each other.


A-M-E-R-I-C-A, Cub Scouts(or Boy Scouts), Cub Scouts, USA!


Shout- Countdown, 10 - 1 !! BLASTOFF! then with your hand gain orbit and even out. Then say, "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP."

Applaud And Cheer

Announce to the group that when you raise your right hand, everyone is to applaud. When you raise your left hand, everyone is to yell or cheer. When you raise both hands, everyone applauds and cheers.

Applause Clap

Leader divides group into two sections. Each section claps only when leader points to it. Start slowly and build up speed. Wind up by pointing to both sections.


Mimic shooting an arrow, then call out, "Bull's Eye!"

Arizona Applause

Yucca, yucca, yucca

Artillery Applause

Begin applauding slowly in unison and gradually increase the speed. Then slow down until finally, the hands are not brought together at all.

Avon Lady

Point a forefinger and shout, "Ding, Dong!"

Balance Stunt

Ask everyone to stand and raise his right hand? then his left. Now have him raise his left leg and close both eyes. After a few seconds, when everyone is trying to balance on one foot, say, "It's dark, isn't it?"

Ball Cheer

When the ball is in your hands, everyone is quiet. When the bail leaves your hands, everyone cheers. Try bouncing the ball, faking a throw, etc.

Balloon Cheer

Pretending to blow a big balloon, you put your hands to your mouth and puff labouriously. You spread your hands slowly apart at each puff, then fling your arms out, yelling 'BANG'.

Barbershop Applause

Clap hands as a barber strops his razor first rubbing your palms together, then stroking the back of your right hand across your left palm. Don't forget the barber's flourishes and, finally, the first downward stroke on your face accompanied by a harsh scraping noise.

Barker's Yell

Showtime, Showtime!


Pretend to throw a ball up and hit it with the bat. After you hit the ball, shout, "Home run!" or swing three times and holler, "You're out!"

Be Prepared

Be Prepared, Be Prepared,
Shout it out, Shout it out.
Pioneer, Voyageur,
Pathfinder Scout !


Growl like a bear four times, turning halfway around each time.

Bear Hug

Put your arms around your own shoulders and give yourself a big hug.


Cut a tree by tapping front teeth together, slap your tail by slapping a palm against your thigh, then yell, "TIMBER!"

Beaver Applause

Start by yelling, "Papa Beaver:' and clap hands with straight arms and large swing for the beaver's tail hitting the water. Then announce, "Mama Beaver:' and put base of each hand together and clap. Finally yell, "Baby Beaver:' and bring thumb and forefinger together.


Put arms straight out and pretend to fly, while going "Buzz-z-z-z, Buzz-z-z-z."

Ben Franklin

Hold both hands out in front of you as if flying a kite. Jerk back suddenly while saying, "Zap, Zap, Zap." (Lightening)

Bicycle Cheer

Pump, Pump, Pump.

Big Hand

Leader says, "let's give them a big hand" everybody in the audience holds up one of their hands with the palm up.

Big Hand (For A 'Ho Hum' Skit)

The cheer leader says: "Alright ! Let's give that skit a Big Hand."
Upon which, everybody silently holds one hand, palm open, up in the air.

Big Rainstorm

To simulate rain, have everyone pat one finger of his left hand with one finger from his right hand. Gradually increase the intensity of the storm by increasing the number of fingers hit together. Hold Up the desired number of fingers as the signal. Decrease the number of fingers tapping as the storm passes.

Big Rock Candy Mountain Cheer

How sweet it is.

Big Sneeze:

Cup hands in front of nose and sneeze in hands. Having nowhere to put it, wipe your hands in your hair. 

Big Thumb

Hold out a hand at arms length, make a fist with the thumb up. Variation- Add, "GREAT JOB!!"

Bikini Applause

Clap with only index fingers. That's why we call it the bikini applause. Because there's nothing to it.

Bird Watcher Cheer

Stand. Tuck hands under armpits, flap 3 times while doing the sound of your faviorate bird.

Black Powder Cheer

Pretend to have black powder in your hand. Pour powder down the barrel. Stamp it down, raise the gun and fire saying, "Click, BANG!"


Start counting backwards from 6 to 1. Bend the knees a little more on each count until you are in a squatting position. Then, while saying, "BLAST OFF!", jump straight up in the air. 


Stand and give a loud "Meow" three times.


Boomalacka, Boomalacka,
Chingalacka, Chingalacka,
Boomalcacka, Chingalacka,

Bouncing Ball

Using a golf ball (preferably) Have the group yell 'Pow' every time the ball hits the floor when dropped initially from an outstretched hand above the head, or thrown up.

Bow And Arrow

Make motion as if shooting an arrow and say, "Zing, Zing, Zing." Pretend to release an arrow with each zing. Variation- Slowly draw arrow from quiver on your back. Place arrow against string of bow, pull back, release and say "pffft."


Pretend to throw the ball down the alley, and then yell, "Strike!"

Boy Scout/Cubby Yell

"What's the best patrol/den?" All the patrols/dens yell back the Boy/Cubby winner's patrol name/den name.

Boy/Cub Scout Yell

Rip, Rap, Rap! Rip, Rap, Ree! Loyal Happy Boy/Cub Scouts are We!

Bravo (For An Excellent Performance)

The cheer leader says: "That deserves a Bravo ! We'll do this in a circle."
He then proceeds to have one end of the circle start with the 'BRR' sound and proceeds to point around the circle while they do the 'AVOOOO' sound. The sound level should rise as more of the circle comes in.


Spell out the letters B R A V O O O Then yell together BRAVO
When given as a cheer, it is traditional for the people being cheered to reply in the same way, and try to be louder than the group who cheered them.

British Rank Yell

Be Prepared! Be Prepared! Shout! Shout! Shout! Tenderfoot! Second Class! First Class Scout!

Broken Arm

Stick arm out in front of you with the lower arm and hand dangling. Swing lower arm and hand back and forth in a limp manner.

Broken Trolley

Pull the bell rope as if ringing a bell, repeating "CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK."

Buffalo Bonzo (For A 'Corny' Skit)

Buffalo bonzo
Buffalo buffalo bonzo
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo !

Bull Cheer

Make bull horns with fingers while shouting "El Toro, El Toro !"

Bull Fighter

Hold down cape and move to in appropriate motion while shouting "OLE!"

Bury It (When A Skit Has Been Seen Too Often)


Cheer leader: "I think we had better bury that skit. Alright, everybody stand up and dig a big hole with your shovel
(suitable grunting sounds and shovelling actions),
now throw the skit into the hole (thump)
and cover it up (more shovelling and grunting),
now, jump on it to keep it in there. (Everybody jumps up and down three times.)

Cactus Applause

"Yucca, yucca, yucca!"

Call The Hogs Yell


Camp Yell

"Clap your hands, stomp your feet, Camp can't be beat!"

Can Of Applause

Cheer and applaud as cover is removed from can and become quiet as lid is replaced.

Canary Applause (2000 Lb)

Put hands on opposite shoulders, while opening and closing elbows, say, "Here, kitty, kitty."

Canned Laughter

Laugh loudly when lid is taken from a can, and become quiet when lid is replaced.


A variation of the "Watermelon". Cup your hands for the cantaloupe and shorten time and noise for spitting out the seeds. Variation- Hold a piece of cantaloupe in one hand, take a fast bite, turn head and spit out seeds.


Pretend to be holding a hammer in one hand and a nail in the other. Start pounding the nail with the hammer while saying, "Bang, Bang, Ouch". 

Casey Jones

Close fist and make circular motion while saying, "Chug a chug a chug" followed by "Whooo, wooo!"

Cat's Meow

You're the cats MeeeeOOOOW!!! (to person receiving applause)

Caught Fish

Hold out left hand, palm up, and make flopping, gasping motions with the right hand on the palm of the left hand.

Centipede Yell

Group stands and yells- Ninety-nine THUMP!! Ninety-nine THUMP!! Ninety-nine THUMP!! This wooden leg is murder!!! Variation- MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!! Variation 2- My shoe bill is outrageous!!!

Champion Hummer

Have the group pair off. On signal, each person is to look his partner in the eye and start humming a tune. Continue until one laughs or has to take a breath. Each winner finds another winner until one person is the "champion hummer"

Cheer For Your Unit

Ask everyone to stand up and applaud. Then, with heads thrown back and chests puffed out, shout the number of their (pack, troop, or post) ... (number) BSA. (At a pack meeting, Cub Scout dens shout their den number.)

Cheerio Cheer



Pick a cheery, roll in your mouth, then spit the pit out with a loud "P-TUU."

Cheese Applause

Grate, grate, grate


How! How! How! Phooey, Phooey, Phooey.

Chinese Bow

Stand, fold your arms, bow from the waist while saying, "Ah Phooey."

Christmas Bells

Pretend to hold a bell rope, then get the left side of the audience to say "DING" on the downstroke and the other side of the audience to say "DONG" on the upstroke. Repeat three times.

Christmas Handshake

Try this get-acquainted mixer. Give everyone five Christmas seals. On signal, he introduces himself to five others and leaves a seal with each of them.

Circle Handshake

Have the group form a circle, facing in. Tell them each person will be given a chance to meet every other person. Select a "guest" in the circle and ask the person to his left, "A:' to shake hands with him and introduce himself. Then A takes a position to the right of the guest. Player "B" repeats A's actions and takes his place to the right of A in what now becomes a reception line. Other players follow, introducing themselves to every person in the line.


Fold hands together, interlocking fingers. Make noise by pressing palms together.

Clam Cheer (For An 'O.K.' To Poor Skit)


The cheer leader says: "O.K., do you know the sound a clam makes ? Alright then, put your hands together at the wrist and hold them away up in the air like this (demonstrates).
Now, move your hands together like a clam shell. (Everybody moves curved hands open and closed five times.)
Thank you.

Clam Clap

Ask everyone to roll up his sleeves in preparation for this strenuous applause. Double up your fists with your left arm in front of your face and right arm overhead. Then silently open and close y6ur right fist.

Clam Yell 

Hold hand up with the thumb on the bottom, and the palm and four fingers above. The "yell", silent of course, is done by rapidly "clapping" the thumb against the four fingers

Class A

Clap rapidly in the following rhythm- 1-2-3-4, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2-3-4, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2-3-4...(pause)..One big clap.

Class B

Just like the Class A except that on the last clap, you come back with your hands and make one big clap.

Class C

Just like the class B except that after missing the clap, you come back with your hands and make one big clap.


Pretend to shinny up a coconut tree,(Place arms out front as if hugging tree, move one hand and arm up a time and then the other), pretend to pick the coconut, let it fall to the ground(whistle as if a bomb was falling), hits the ground with a bang!! Shinny down (reverse your climbing motion), pretend to hit the coconut to open it, then say- THIS SURE IS A NUTTY APPLAUSE!!!


Put hands up like you're holding a telescope and shout "Land Ho".

Computer Applause

"Does not compute!"

Constitution Cheer

We the people, APPROVE!

Coo Coo

Everyone nod their heads up and down and say- "COO-COO" as many times as you tell them, as if you were striking the hour.


Crumby, crumby, crumby

Cookie Clap

Everyone takes a big bowl in their arms. In bowl, dump ingredients to make cookies, such as- flour, sugar, salt, chocolate chips and dill pickles (have the boys tell out the ingredients and you'll get some odd cookies). After the ingredients are in the bowl, you take a big spoon and with stirring motion yell "Crummy, Crummy, Crummy".

Cootie Or Flea C1ap

Have everyone raise his hands above his head. Applaud by clicking the nails of the thumb and forefinger on each hand.


Make a motion imitating pulling a cork from a bottle; make a noise like a cork popping.



Pretend to milk cow saying- "Squirt, squirt, squirt, moo."

Cow Yell



Have the everyone stand, cup their hands around their mouth and say- "YIP, YIP, YIPEEEE!!!!!" VARIATION- Add- "ARC, ARC, AROOOOOOOOO!! GEE, It's lonely out here."


Have the group stand- Have them pretend to be on a boat, by swaying back and forth, and from side to side, have them grab hold of a rope as if they are hauling in their trap, have them grab the trap box and say- "THIS IS THE BIGGEST KING CRAB I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!"

Crazy Mixed-Up Kids

Have everyone slap his knees twice, clap his hands twice, then grasp his left ear with his right hand and his nose with his left. Slap and clap again, this time reversing hand positions. Increase the speed, alternating the hand positions each time.

Crossed Fingers


The player extends both arms straight forward, crosses one hand over the other, and interlaces the fingers of the two hands. The palms should be together, the little fingers on top, and the thumbs down. He brings the hands in to his chest and turns them upward, holding them close to his chin. Now the leader points to any one of the fingers (without touching it) and directs the player to move it. The player may find it difficult to do so, and will probably move the wrong finger.

Cub Cheer:

Call out in unison ONE TWO THREE WOOF
When given as a cheer, it is traditional for the people being cheered to reply in the same way, and try to be louder than the group who cheered them. 

Cub Scout Yell

"Do Your Best! Be Prepared! Shout! Shout! Shout! Wolf Cub! Bear Cub! Webelos Scout!"

Deep Sea Diver

Pretend to put on your diving suit, adjust your helmet, pretend to close face door, and screw the locks in place. Then pretend to jump into the water by jumping one step ahead, pretend to be sinking to the ocean floor, mumbling, "BLUG, BLUG, BLUG!!!" VARIATION- Add the following when you reach the "bottom"- walk around very stiffly in a circle, then slowly bend over and pick up something and yell- "I found the TREASURE!!! I found the TREASURE."

Desert Rat

Clutch throat and say- "HOW, HOW, HOW, WATER, WATER, GLUG, GLUG, GLUG." Wipe your mouth and sigh "AHHHHhhhhhh, I sure feel and look better.!!!" Variation- Same as above except when you get the water, take a comb out of the back pocket, dip it into the wa

Desert Yell

"Yucca, Yucca, Yucca !!"

Dip Stick

Pretend to get under the hood of your car, find the dip stick, pull it out, and say, "OH, NO, YOU'RE A QUART LOW!!!" Variation- Add to the above- You could sure use an oil change and pretend to put it back, close the hood with a SLAM!!!

Dividing Into Groups


For variations in dividing a group into smaller groups or parts, use one of these methods:


1. Ask those with black or brown shoes to get together.


2. Tell those with brown, blond, gray, or red hair to find one another.


3. Have those with the same birth month or the same age level seek one another out.


4. Ask those with the same color suit, dress, or tie to assemble.


Open mouth, stick out tongue, say Ahhhhhhhhh!

Doubtful Yell

How come? (Build up on the HOW COME? Build up on the HOW to a big volume and then cut it off with a soft "COME?")


Pretend to snore and wake up. Stretch and say- WOW, that was a Great Dream !!!


On legs make a rat-a-tat sound 3 or 4 times, then hit the stomach two times and say "Boom, Boom".


On legs make a rat-a-tat sound 3 or 4 times, then hit the stomach two times and say "Boom, Boom".

Echo Cheer

Have one-half of group holler out a cheer, and the other half be the echo, giving the cheer repeatedly, fainter and fainter.


Let arm act as a trunk, wave it brokenly in front of your face. Raise your forearm up and down and say, "Peanuts, peanuts anyone?"

Eskimo Cheer

Brrrrr-rrr, Brrrrr-rrr.

Exhausted Yell

How TIRED? (Build up a loud HOW, with a soft TIRED and a stretch.)


Hold one hand above the eyes as though looking into the distance while slowly waving the other hand.

Ferris Wheel

Move right arm in a large circle, on the upswing say- "OHHHHH!" On the downswing say- "AHHHHH!" Variation- Insert the following between the ooh and aah above- when you are at the top, hold arm in place and rock back and forth and hold other hand over the

Finger Fun


Have everyone hold up his hands. Ask him to bend his fingers forward, one at a time, without moving the other four. Then move the fingers sidewise, one at a time.


Fire Engine

Divide the group into four sections- (1) Rings the bell fast, DING; (2) Honks the horn, HONK, HONK, HONK; (3) Sounds the siren, Rrrr, Rrrr, Rrrr; (4) Clangs the clangor, CLANG, CLANG, CLANG. Have all four groups do their parts together.


Strike a match on the leg, light the firecracker, make noise like fuse "sssss", then yell loudly "BANG!!"

Fireman Yell

Water, Water, Water! More, More, More !


Take match, strike it (scratching sound), light fireworks ("sssshh"), takes off ("whoosh"), explodes ("boom"), impressed by the pretty sight ("aaaahh").

Fireworks (For A Good Performance)

One half of circle: Place the palm of your hand in front of your mouth and keep it moving in a circular motion while hissing.

Second half of circle: Starting a couple of seconds after the first half, the rest of the circle whistles down the scale. (Doh, Te, La, So, Fah, Me, Ray, Doh.)

When the whistlers get to the botom of the scale, everybody responds with a well rounded Boom !.
Repeat all and Boom twice, repeat all and Boom three times.



Pretend to a fish by it's tail with one hand with one hand and plug your nose with the other and say- "PEEE-U-EEEEE!!!!" Variation 2- Suck in your cheeks, form an "O" with your mouth, move it as if you were a fish, without making a sound!!! Variation 3-


Pretend to reel out some line, let it drift, yank your pretend pole back and start to reel in the fish. Struggle with it for a short time and say- "I'VE GOT IT!!! I'VE GOT IT!!!"


Pretend to cast and reel in fish. Catch a whopper, and then show how big it is by holding hands apart.


Fizzical Feet

Place a basketball on the floor and instruct a player to sit on it while balancing his right heel on his left toe. Now see if he can perform some simple function such as lighting a candle, tying a square knot, or threading a needle.

Flapjack Applause


Pretend to pry a spatula under a pancake; throw the pancake up into the air and nod your head three times up and down as if watching the pancake flip; then catch it on the spatula.


Flat Tire

Bend down, attach pump to tire, lift and push on pump three times, then say, "BOOM!" and jump back in surprise.

Flea Clap

Applaud by clicking the nails of the thumb and finger together.

Flea Flip

Flick your middle fingernail with your thumbnail.


Shake hands over the head and say, "Yabba-dabba-doo".

Floating Sausage

Tell everyone to put his forefingers together on the tip of his nose. Then have him move them away from his face, at eye level, while keeping his eyes fixed on some distant object. A sausage, floating in midair, will appear.


Like a flower blooming, raise part way in your chair, look around and thumb jump up yelling, "Sproooooong!"


Pretend to be playing the flute and give two big toots.

Foil Dinner

"RAW, RAW, RAW !!"


Make a fist thumbs pointing up with each hand in front of you and say "Aaaaaayyyy."

For Goodness Sake (For A Really Corny Skit)

Cheer Leader: Give me an OFER !
Circle: OFER !
Cheer Leader: Give me an OFER !
Circle: OFER !
Cheer Leader: Give me an OFER !
Circle: OFER !
Cheer leader: What have we got ?

For The Birds (For A 'Dumb' Skit)

Cheer Leader: That calls for a High Flying Cheer. Was it a ONE ?
Circle: NO !
Cheer Leader: Was it a TWO ?
Circle: NO !
Cheer Leader: Was it a THREE ?
Circle: NO !
Cheer Leader: Was it a FOUR ?

Frog Pond


Divide the Scouts into three groups. Have the first group say, in high voices, "Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes:' The second group, in deeper voices, says, "Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes." The third group, in deep bass voices, says, "Fried bacon, fried bacon, fried bacon." After rehearsing each group, turn them loose at once; continue until signal for silence.

Frozen Applause

Wrap arms around body and say, "Err!"

Frozen Cub (Scout)

Wrap your hands around yourself and say "Brrrrrrr".

Fruit Salad

Eat a large piece of pretend watermelon, spit out the seeds, pretend to have a piece of cantaloupe, spit out the seeds, then have a cherry, place a finger in your cheek and give one small pop, as if spitting out the pit of the cherry.


Lift lid off garbage can, pinch nose, and say "P~U.


Cup your hand around the mouth and yell- "GEE, YOU DID A GREAT JOB, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!" Variation- Insert the persons name after gee. Variation 2- Insert the persons name as in variation one but also substitute a different phrase honoring the pers


Wave hands like a ghost and say- "WHOOOO, WHOO, WHOOOOOOO!!" Variation- Wail, "BOO! BOO! BOO!" three times and then yell- "YAHHH!!"

Ghost Applause


Giant Beehive

Tell the group to buzz like a bee. When your hand is raised, the volume should increase. When you lower your hand the volume should decrease. Practice this at various levels.

Giant Beehive

Tell the group to buzz like a bee. When your hand is raised, the volume should increase. When you lower your hand, the volume should decrease. Practice this at varying levels.

Giant Sneeze

Divide group into thirds. Group 1 Says, "Ahhhhh", Group 2, "Ahfihhhh"; and Group 3, "Choboo. At the end the leader says, "Bless you," or "Gesundheit."

Give A Big Hand

Hold up hand

Give A Big Hand

Hold out an open palm toward performer.


Go Cart

Stand up with legs bent at right angles, put hands in front of you as if steering and say, "BAAARRROOOOOMMM!" Variation- Add, "Look at me go! BARRRROOOMM!!

Gold Rush Mob Scene

Divide the group into three sections. Ask the first to call in cadence: "Gold! Gold!" Have the second call out: "Give us water! Give us water!" And the third section: "Pick and shovel! Pick and shovel!" Practice with each section, and then have all begin together softly. As you raise your hand, the volume should become higher until everyone is shouting at the top of his voice.


Shout "FORE" and pretend to hit the ball, place hand over above eyes to follow where the ball went. Variation- Add- Duck and cover your eyes saying- "OH NO! I HIT SOMEONE!!"


Make a motion as if polling a boat, singing out- "O, SOLE MIO"

Good Heavens (For An Unusual Skit)


The Cheer Leader says: "Let's give this something really GOOD. Repeat after me."
Cheer Leader: Good.
Circle: Good.
Cheer Leader: Good
Circle: Good
Cheer Leader: Good Heavens ! What next ??
Circle: Good Heavens ! What next ??

Good Turn

Stand up and turn around.

Grab Your Nose


Ask everyone to hold his right ear with his left hand and his nose with his right hand. On the command "Change!" each person is to switch, unwinding his arms a6d grasping his left ear with his right hand, his nose with his left. Give the commands slowly at first, then increase their speed. Secret: Grab your nose first.


Everyone is sitting down in their chairs. All stomp their feet three times loudly, then slap leg three times, then clap hands 3 times. Then stand up all together and shout "Ra, Ra, Ra!"

Grand How Yell


Grand Sneeze

"A-h-h-h Chooooo! Three times, each time getting louder.


Everyone is sitting down in their chairs. All stomp their feet three times loudly, then slap leg three times, then clap hands 3 times. Then stand up all together and shout "Ra, Ra, Ra!" 


Hold one hand out as if holding a bunch of grapes, with the other hand pick a grape, chew it and spit out the pit.

Grape Applause

Use in conjunction with Watermelon and Cantaloupe in this section. Hold an imaginary grape between thumb and first finger. Pop grape into mouth with appropriate sound.

Grape Juice

Every one stomps around as if stomping grapes, then reach down with one hand dipping with a glass and drinking it, saying, "AAAAAhhhhh."

Great (Tony The Tiger Cheer)

Leader starts quietly starting with GRRR and goes around circle to complete word

Great Job

Have one half of the audience say, "Great" and the other half say, "Going." Alternate each side.


Pretend to wind a crank pulling the blade up, tie it off, take an imaginary axe and cut the rope. Knife your hand down like a blade, saying "Slooosh". Then roll one over the other while saying "Thud, flop, flop, flop." Variation- Insert persons name after getting applause on last flop and say- "Haven't you got those heads of lettuce chopped yet.


Suck in both sides of your mouth and make a kissing noise three times.

Half A Hand

Hold up one hand with the palm open, with the other hand, cover the open hand so only half shows. Variation- Add a phrase such as you are handy to have around.

Half A How And An Ugh Yell


Half A How Yell

HUH !!!


Make a hamburger patty by clapping hands turning left hand on top, then left hand on the bottom.

Hand And Foot

Applaud with striking hand on foot.

Handkerchief Applause

Throw a handkerchief in the air with instructions for the audience to clap and cheer until you catch it or it falls to the floor: Vary the length of the noise with a long throw, a short throw, and no throw at all.

Handshake Mixer

Upon arrival, each person is instructed to introduce himself and shake hands with all the others with his left hand and to use only his left hand for any activity until everyone is present.


Put your hand behind your neck like you are holding a hangman's noose, then roll eyes and stick out your tongue.

Hankey Approval

Drop hankey, applause only while hanky is in the air

Hay Dd Straw

Divide the group into two sections, tell one group that when you point to them they are to yell, "HAY". Tell the other section they are to yell, "STRAW" !!! Vary the speed in which you point to the different groups. Variation- When the leader yells hay o

Hay! Straw!

Explain that when you call out, "Hay!" or "Straw!" the group is to respond with the opposite word: "Straw!" or "Hay!" For more fun, mix them up fast.

Heart And Sole

Slap heart and sole of shoe.

Heart And Sole

Slap heart, and then sole of shoe.


Group stands and cheers, "Great job! Great JOB! GREAT JOB!" Getting louder each time.

Home Run

Simulate swinging a bat, then shade your eyes with your hands and yell, "Thar she goes."

Horsing Around

Make galloping noises and whinny.

Hot Dog With Mustard

Get your hot dog and put it in a bun. Pick up the mustard bottle and squeeze some mustard on the hot dog, then take a big bite and say, "Yummmmm!"

Hot Pepper

Take a bite of a hot pepper, chew, and swallow. Suddenly it's hot, real hot. Express this by holding throat, fanning hand in front of mouth, and

gasping, "Water!"

How With A Northern Exposure Yell

How, How, How, Brrrrr!

How With A Southern Exposure Yell

How, How, How, You'all!

How Yell

Raise arm to fullest extent and yell- "HOW!"

Howdy Pard


Howdy Yell


Ice Cube



Stomp feet three times, beat chest three times, 5 Indian yells with hand over mouth.

Indiana Jones

Swing hand and arm back and then forward simulating the snapping of a whip. Snakes, it would have to be snakes.

Invention Cheer

I've made it, I've made it, I don't know what it is, but I've made it.


Hold hand as if close over a javelin, raise arm above shoulder and pretend to throw the javelin forward, wait a couple of seconds and say "Thud".

Jaws (Version 2)

Hold arms to cover face (Hands holding elbows) yell "AAAAAH, HELP!"

Jaws(Shark) Cheer

Chomp, Chomp, Chomp.

Jet Clap

Swish your hand across the front of you like a jet and clap your hands twice, real fast to simulate the sonic boom.

Jockey Cheer (A Den Cheer)

Cub Scouts stand facing the denner, with knees slightly bent, caps on backward. They slap hands on thighs and bounce up and down without moving feet, to imitate galloping horses. The denner waves his hand and all shout, "Whoa!" as they stop the action. They then shout, "Cub Scouts! Cub Scouts! Cub Scouts! Den !"


Jolly Green Giant Cheer


Jump Over The Pencil

Lay a pencil on the floor and ask someone to stand close to it. Tell him to bend over, grasp his toes, and jump over the pencil.

Ketchup Bottle

slap back of other hand

Ketchup Cheer

Everyone makes a fist with their left hand and slaps the side of their fist with their right hand, as if trying to coax ketchup from a bottle. Six quick slaps and then the ketchup comes out in one big noised dolled: Slap-skip-slap-slap-skip-slap-balloons!

Knight Applause

Kneel and place your right hand on your left shoulder, then on your right Shoulder, while saying, "I dub thee Sir Knight." Can also be done with partners.

Lawn Sprinkler

Hold hands together and straight out in front of you. Slowly turn to the right, with a fast return to the left, while making sounds like a sprinkler, "Spsss, spsss, spsss" Leaky tire OR Snake

Leader VS. Audience

Tell everyone to ask the name of the person sitting at his right. On signal, everyone is to shout this name. If you can't detect a single name, the audience wins. They should be told to conspire against you by yelling in unison to blend all the names into one. Retaliate by making false starting signals, hoping to trap one or two into shouting names.

Leaky Tire Applause


Let's Get Acquainted

Have everyone shake hands with the person on his right, then his left. Then tell everyone on the word "go" to turn around and shake hands with the person behind him. At this point, if everyone has followed directions, there will be no one behind to greet, for he, too, will have turned.

Let's Really Hear It

Put hand to ear, as if listening.

Liberty Bell Yell

Ding, Ding, Ding, Dong! Let freedom ring!


With one hand draw a zig-zag in the air in front of you saying, "ZAP, ZAP, ZAP."

Lightning Applause

Shake your finger like jagged lightning and say,"Shhh, Shhh:' on each jagged movement.


Lights In The Sky Yell

Look up in the star to find the stars, then say, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle".

Lion Tamer's Applause

Simulate having chair and big whip. Hold chair out and crack whip while saying, "Back, back('



Grab onto a live electrical wire and shake the whole body.


Begin on the he heels of your hands, slowly and together. Gradually increase speed, working towards the finger tips and finally over the ends of the fingers. The last part is raise your hand over your eyes as a gesture of looking in the distance.

Louder And Louder (A Yell From One Den Or Patrol To Another)

"I like Cub (or Boy) Scouts; yes, I do! I like Cub (or Boy) Scouts; how about you?" And point to the group that is to respond in the same way.


Pretend to be chopping a tree then shout "Chop, Chop, Chop, TIMMMMBERRRR!"

Lump Rope

"Skip it!"

Mad Doctor Cheer

Scalpel, sponge, sponge, sponge, oops.

Mad Scientist

Pretend to hold a test tube in one hand. Pour something into it; then something else, then shout "Boooommm!"

Marilyn Monroe

(Sway hips) "HIP, hip, hooray", "Hip, hip, hooray."


Pretend to strike a match on the seat of your pants, it lights on the second try. Look at it burn, shake your hand and yell "YEEEEEEEEEEEE-OOOOOOOOO______OOW!"

Match Applause

Pretend to light a match on the seat of your pants, say Yeeoooooooww!!

Mexican Hat Dance

Put hands on feet and stamp feet while turning around in a circle.

Milk Shake

Shake contents in a shaker bottle, slurp the drink.

Milking, The Cow

You need two people for this one. One person holds arms out in front, fingers interlocked and thumbs down. The other person takes a thumb in each hand and does the motion of milking a cow.

Model "T"

Pretend to honk your horn and say "Ooooga, Ooooga, Ooooga".

Moose Cheer

Place open hands by ears to form antlers and call "OOOOO-AAA-OOOO."


(Trace flight of mosquito with finger)
Clap hands once for the swat saying 'Gotcha'


With hand, slap yourself on the neck, arms, legs, while saying "Oooo, Aaaah." This can also be done by taking one finger and moving it around in the air as a mosquito flying (making a buzzing sound at the same time), letting it land on your arm, slapping


Rapidly slap face, neck, shoulders, etc.

Mother Cheer

Mother, Mother, She's the one. If Mother can't do it, it can't be done.


Flutter your hand in front of you while your tongue flutters.

Motorboat Applause

Flutter tongue on roof of mouth.


Lift up the left foot and slam it down starting the engine with your hands pretending to hold handlebars and saying "V-V-r-a-a-a-a-m-m-m-m."

Motorcycle Applause

Raise foot and kick down three times while making a sputtering sound. Hold hands like gripping handlebars. On third try, the engine starts. Say, "Varroooom."

Mount Rushmore Cheer


Mount Saint Helen's Cheer

Make fists out of both hands and put them together. Make the sound of steam building "ssssSSSS", the sound builds; then when the mountain erupts yell "POP as hands and arms extend over the head.

Mountain Climbers

Pretend climbing on mountain. A rock slips off. Put your had over your eyes, look down and yell - Look OUT BELOW !

Musical Applause

Announce the name of a well-known song such as "Yankee Doodle" or "Dixie" and ask everyone to clap to its rhythm. For a novel finish, tell everyone to miss the last note. Someone always forgets.

Nail Pounding

Start the nail, drive it in and hit the thumb yelling, "OOO-UUU-CCC-HHH!"

Oil Refinery Applause

Crude, crude, crude


Join hands, raise them over head and shout, "Go for the Gold!"

Once Over

Circle hands, at bottom of circle clap palm of one hand and back of the other hand together.

One How Yell

Yell the word "HOW" loudly. Can be built up to more how's as needed.

One-Word Anagram

Ask if anyone can rearrange the letters in the words "new door" to make one word. Give everyone a chance to try, and then write on a chalkboard: O-N-E W-O-R-D.

Opec (Oil Well) Yell


Ordinary App1ause

This is just plain hand clapping. Some people would say this is used by those: who lack imagination. But it always gets a good response and forces the group to participate.


Everyone yell together, "Clap your hands," then clap hands together two times. Then yell "Stomp your feet," then stomp feet three times on the floor. Then say, "PACK(TROOP) _____ can't be beat."

Pack/Troop Cheer

Razzle, dazzle, never frazzle, not a thread but wool. All together, all together, that's the way we pull.

Painters' Convention Clapping 

Paintbrush is the hand with the fingers hanging down loosely. The clapping is done by "brushing" the palm of the other hand. 


Pretend to be holding a frying pan and a spatula in your hands. Pretend to put the spatula under the pancake and flip the pancake into the air. Look into the air as though watching the pancake flip in the air. Catch the pancake with the spatula, and flip

Paper Bag

Make motions to simulate opening a paper bag., forming neck, blowing it up and pop it, saying "POP" loudly.

Paper Bag Handshake

As everyone arrives, give him a small paper bag and a rubber band to hold the bag on. Tell him to put it on his right hand and shake hands with everyone while wearing the bag.

Partner Applause

Do this in a group. One person puts hands on the side with the palms up for the right hand and palms down for left hand. Then the next person places his hands on them, palms together. Then proceed to clap with each other.

Party Cheer

Throw hands in the air and say, "Confetti, Confetti, Confetti."

Passing The Handshake


Tell everyone sitting at the end of each row to shake hands and become acquainted with the person next to him. The second person then does the same with the person next to him. The greeting is passed down the line.


Passing The Hat

Have the group form a circle with all but one wearing a paper hat. The hats can be made in advance of the meeting or by the group, using old newspapers.) On signal, each player reaches to his right, removes the hat from that person, and places it on his own head. Gradually speed up the action and then abruptly have everyone stop. The player without a hat drops out. Start again (with one less hat) and continue until only two are left. Change directions from time to time.

Pat On The Back

Everyone pat the back of the left shoulder with their right hand.

Paul Bunyan Cheer

Divide audience into two groups, the Chips and the Chops. As you point to each group they holler in unison, "Chip" or "Chop." This is repeated faster and faster until tree is chopped down and all holler, "Timber!" and "Whoosh:' as the tree hits the ground.


Paul Revere Applause

Pretend to be riding a horse while moving up and down and saying, "The British are coming! The British are coming!"

Pennsylvania University Cheer

Draw right fist back to shoulder, then throw punch while yelling P U.

Personal Cheer

Stomp feet three times and shout personal name.

Pinata Cheer

Pretend to hit pinata, say "Swoosh" (Miss), "Swoosh" (miss), "Swoosh" (hit) "HOORAY."

Pinewood Derby

Start with a hand up above the head and then with a crying motion swoop the hand down saying, "Swish, Thud."


Clap little fingers together.


"Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of Sprite. Variation- Avast Ye land lubbers! Walk that plank! Glub, Glub, Glub. Variation 2- "Hoist the Jolly Roger! We're off to find the treasure! Yo Ho Ho !!

Pole Vault

Stand two fingers of one hand on the other arm like legs. Have them run down the arm to the wrist and then leap into the air, as the hand comes down, CLAP!


Pat yourself on the back.


Politician Applause

pat your self on the back


Clap your hands together, then slap your leg with each hand to simulate a pony trot.

Pony Express Yell

Have everyone gallop in place and shout, "YIPPEEEEEEEEEE".


1st group yells- "Where's my spinach! Where's my spinach! 2nd group yells- "Toot, toot! You're Popeye the sailor man! Here's your spinach! 1st group- "well, blow me down, I love my spinach! Toot, toot!

Pow Wow Cheer

Explain to audience that when you call out, "Pow:' they are to respond, "Wow:' and vice versa.


Salute and say- "Hail to the Chief."

Pta Clap

Just plain old clapping for those who lack any imagination.


Have everyone get out their bucket, hang it on the end of their pump, back up a step or two, then pretend to take hold of the pump handle and start to pump. Do this for about ten pumps and say- "The bucket is full."

Pump-Handle Handshake

Take partner's straight arm and move it up and down as if pumping for water.


Race Car

Say "Varoooom" five times starting quietly and increasing in loudness each time while shifting gears with right hand.

Rain Clap

Everyone starts by tapping their right thumbs on the palms of their left hands to represent the first few drops of rain. Then use two fingers, three fingers, four, five and the palms of hands.
Increase volume of clapping from soft to loud.
Then in reverse sequence back to thumbs on palms, as the rain passes.


Rainstorm Applause


Start by gently patting knees alternately to simulate light rain. Increase the noise by switching to hand clapping as the storm reaches its height. With a hand signal, have everyone shout, "Boom!" to represent thunder. Gradually decrease the hand clapping and then pat the knees as the storm subsides.


Rainstorm Cheer

To simulate rain, have everyone pat one finger of the left hand and one finger of the right hand. Gradually increase the intensity of the storm by increasing the fingers hitting together. Decrease the number of fingers as the storm passes.

Rattlesnake Applause


Real Big Hand

Make a fist with the thumb extended, put thumb to lips and pretend to blow, open hand and extend fingers gradually with each puff. Hold up hand when fully extended.


First person in row claps next person's hand and so on down to the end of the row.

Relay Applause

Start at one side, have each row slap the hand of the person next to them, so on down the line.


First person in row claps next person's hand and so on down to the end of the row. 

Reverse Applause

Move hands away from each other.

Road Runner



Walk stiff legged with arms in place saying in a monotone voice, "DOES NOT COMPUTE, DOES NOT COMPUTE!"

Rocket Skip Applause

Count down, "10, 9, 8, ... 3, 2, 1, ... blast off!" Blast off with your hand, gain orbit, and say, "Beep-beep, beep-beep."


Placing your thumbs in your armpits, wave the arms up and down while crowing.

Round Of Applause

Clap while moving hands in circular motion.


Put thumbs to your head with fingers up, forming antlers. Wrinkle your nose, saying. Blink, Blink, Blink."


Put thumbs to your head with fingers up, forming antlers. Wrinkle your nose, saying. Blink, Blink, Blink."

Salt And Pepper

Hold both fists out in front of you and raise up the thumbs. Gradually increasing the number of fingers hitting together. Decrease the number of fingers as the storm passes.

Santa Claus

Reach out and hold stomach saying loudly, "HO, HO, HO" three times. Variation- Add- "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Santa Claus Chimney

Pretend to be driving your sleigh, say- "Whoa!" (pulling up on the reins), get out of the sleigh, pretend to climb into the chimney, begin to slide down and struggle, say- "Wheeze, grunt, rattle, clank, oh, no," move hands as if falling trying to grasp the sides of the chimney, then yell- "Craaaasssshhhh and then put your finger to your mouth and say, "Shhhhhhh!"


Put your right hand over your head, making a circular motion with the right hand, opening and closing the right fist, while saying "Gleep, Gleep, Gleep". Variation- Begin with a countdown from 10, at zero, yell, "BLASTOFF! stretch arm over head saying "G


Pretend to get a piece of lumber, measure it, pretend to draw a line, place pencil behind the ear, pick up your pretend saw and begin to saw holding your lumber with one hand and sawing with the other, while making your best sawing impression.


Extend arms, cross hands at the wrist and flap hands several times.

Seal Of Approval

Put your thumbs in your armpits, then move arms up and down like a seal moving its flippers and say "Arf, Arf, Arf" several times. Variation- Add- Pretend you are balancing a ball on the end of your nose.

Siesta Cheer

Remain seated and pull an imaginary sombrero over face while snoring loudly.

Silent Smoke

Make a fist with one hand, point the index finger, hold it close to the chest, then with a circular motion, begin to slowly raise your arm, keeping the finger extended until it is high over your head.

Silent Yell

Raise both fists to level with hand and shout without any sound while shaking both fists. Or else have everyone stand in unison and open their mouths and scream without making any sound.

Six Shooter

Point finger in the air and say "BANG" six times, then blow smoke from the end of the gun.


Stand up and move top part of body from one side to the other as if trying to keep balance and say, "Zoooommm."

Sky Rocket

Make a motion of striking a match on your pants, lean over to light your rocket. Make a "SH, SH, SH" sound, point from the floor to the sky as if you were following it in flight with your finger. CLAP hands and say "BOOM" spread arms wide and say "AH____AH____AH".

Skyrocket Applause

Have everyone pretend to strike a match on his trousers or dress and pantomime lighting a rocket. Watch the rocket go up and say, "Sssssssssssss, BOOM, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh:' Flutter your fingers to represent falling debris. Then place your right hand over your eyes and peer out, exclaiming, "Isn't it lovely?"


Say "Ding-a-ling" three times.

Slow Motion Applause

Cheer and applaud in slow motion.

Snowball Applause

Reach down and pick up some snow, and pack it into a ball. Pull arm back, throw, and yell, "Splaaaat."

Spider Cheer

Walk the four fingers from one hand up the other arm. When you reach the top yell, "Eeeeeeeeek!"

Stamp Of Approval

Pound the palm of your left hand rapidly with your right fist. For another version, throw a handkerchief or cap in the air, have the boys stamp their feet until the cap hits the floor.

Stamp Your Feet

Pretend to lick stamp and place it on your heel.

Start Off With A Bang!

Give everyone a balloon when he arrives. Open the meeting by having the group pop their balloons all at once or blow them up until they burst.


Use both hands to make large rotary motion as if they were paddle wheels. At the same time say "Chug-achug-chug". Then reach up with the right hand and pull down saying "Toot, Toot".

Stick Out Your Tongue And Touch Your Nose

Ask how many can stick out their tongues and touch their noses. Have them try. Then show how it's done by sticking out your tongue and touching your nose--with your finger.

Stomp And Slap

When you raise your right hand, everyone stomps feet rapidly. When you raise your left hand, everyone slaps thighs rapidly. When you raise both hands, everyone stomps and slaps.


Faster then a speeding bullet, more powerful then a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It's Super-scout!


Silently wave arms, open mouth as if cheering wait several moments, then yell loudly

Swimmer's Belly

Put both hands out in front of you and slap your hands together once. Look both ways and say, "Where's the water, where's the water."

Swine Yell

Suueeee, Pig! Pig! Pig!


Pretend to have a sword in your hand. Swing it across the body three times saying, "Swish, Swish, Swish."

Texas How

How! How! Howdy pardner!

The Lone Range Applause

Where does the Lone Ranger take his garbage?
To de dump, to de dump, to de dump, dump, dump...


The Lucky Seventh Handshake

Secretly give a member of the group an ample amount of candy for him to dole out to every seventh person who shakes hands with him. If children are present, they soon discover the holder of the candies and gather around him. The adults then watch the handshaking continue until the candy supply is exhausted. If only adults are present, quarters or dimes may be used instead of candy to make the stunt more interesting.

The Magic Pencil


Explain that you have a magic pencil that writes any color. Ask what color they would like it to write. When the victim names his color, write the name of that color: green, red, etc.


The Pointing Finger


To silence faultfinders tactfully or to illustrate a point, explain to the group that it's easy to criticize, find fault, or complain about somebody or something. Ask everyone to point their "pointing fingers" at you and to think the meanest and nastiest thoughts they can. Then make your point by saying, "How many fingers are you pointing at me? One. But how many are you pointing at yourself?"

The Uncoordinated Applause

Clap hands, but miss completely.

Think You Can

Give everyone a blank piece of paper and challenge them to fold it in half eight times.

Three Howls And An Ugh

"Howl! Howl! Howl! Ugh!"

Three Strikes

Turn head to the side sharply while saying, "Strike!" Do these three times and end with, "You're out!"


Shout, "Grrrreat! Thrust fist upward Tony Tiger style.

Tightrope Walker

Have your arms out as if balancing on a tightrope. Lean to one side and say "Aaaiiiii" as you simulate falling.

Timber Cheer

When you point to one half of the group, they yell, CHIP !
When you point to the other half, they yell, CHOP!
Then alternate CHIP! CHOP! CHIP! CHOP! faster and faster, ending with a loud "TIMBER!"

Three Big Howls

Announce, "Let's give three big Howls for On signal, all yell sharply, "Howl! Howl! Howl!"

Announce, "Let's give a Heap Howl for__On signal, all yell sharply, "Howl! Howl! Heap Howl!"


Leader says "Where does Tonto take his trash?" The audience yells in reply, "To de dump, to de dump, to de dump dump dump," to the rhythm of a running horse in a sing-song manner while clapping hands on thighs. (Like Lone Ranger)


Slap both hands together, alternating one hand and the other >from top to bottom. On every fourth clap, shout, "OLE!"

Toucan Yell

Hold hands in front of mouth, simulating a bird opening its beak, several times while saying "TOUCAN, TOUCAN, TOUCAN! A CUB(SCOUT) CAN TOO!!!"


Divide audience into groups to make different train sounds, get faster and faster until a bell rings.



Turkey Yell

Say "Gobble, gobble,," then rub stomach saying "Yum, yum".


Fold arms in front of face with face hidden.


Fold arms, place in front of face, spread arms and stick head out, saying, "Nerk! Nerk!"

Two & One-Half How's (Tired)

Instead of UGH, use a tired slow UUUUUUHHHHHH. For a variation, try the contented HOW, giving a sigh instead of the UGH.

Two & One-Half How's Or How How Ugh Yell

Yell "How, How, Ugh!!" (as this is done emphasize each How with your fist in front of your body. On Ugh, yank your arms back to the side of your body. Do it more rapidly and bit off each word more quickly each time.

Two And A Half Okays

"Okay, okay, ohhhh!"

Two Thousand Pound Canary

Put hands in underarms to form wings and flap them. Chirp in a very low voice.


Two-Handed Saw

Everyone pairs off into two's. Each pair sticks their hands out with their thumbs up. Alternately grab each other's thumbs until all four hands are each holding a thumb. Move arms and hands back and forth as if sawing.



Uncoordinated Applause

Clap, but miss hands completely.



Attack! Attack! Attack! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!


Tramp, Tramp, Tramp.

Walk A Chalk Line

See who can successfully walk a chalk line after being spun around four times.


Take up watermelon in both hands, chomp up one way and spit out seeds, in a Bronx cheer. (For those of you who are purists, the proper terminology is a 'bi-labial fricative'.) Note: this cheer could be considered 'poor taste'.


Webelos Yell

Webelos are great, they can't be beat! So let's give a yell, Webelos are swell!

Weight Lifter

Attempt to lift bar-bell and say "AAAaagh!" as you get the weight up above the head, then drop it to the floor saying, "THUD!"

Western How

Stamp feet three times, slap knees three times, whip hand around head three times, and yell "YIPPI-I-A."

When I Do

The orders are "When I bring my hands together, you do. When I do not, you must not." Then go through several false motions to see if you can catch the group napping.

When The Hand Goes Up


Here is a simple way to get order for announcements or the next order of business. Explain that whenever you raise your hand, the group is to become attentive and stop talking. Have everyone practice it a few times until the proper reaction becomes automatic. This method of getting order saves your voice and nerves. Explain to boys that "When the hand goes up, the mouth goes shut.



Pretend to holding a whip and make the motion of snapping it in the air while saying "YWAH, YWAH, YWAH".

Wiggle Your Tummy

Tell the group to stand. Then ask, "How many of you can wiggle your tummy?" Try for some response. Then show the group by holding up your thumb and wiggling it.


Say in witchy voice- "Heee, Heee, Heee."


Wolf, wolf, wolf, then give wolf howl.

Yes Or No

Announce that no one is to say "yes" or "no' Then give half of the group ten peanuts and the rest ten beans. Allow everyone a specified time in which to collect counters by obtaining one from each person who answers "yes" or "no" to any question. The person with the largest number wins.


Cup hands around mouth saying, "Yodel, ley, lee, who."


In this yell, the leader shouts ZIG-A-Mala three times, each time increasing the volume and each time the campers answer Z-E-E-E. After the third Z-E-E-E, the leader throws up his hands, and all shout together, WHA.


Ziggy, ziggy, hoy, hoy, hoy
Ziggy, ziggy, hoy, hoy, hoy