Goals of Leaders & Parents:
As Outlined in the Scouting Handbook by the Church
Presented at Aaronic Priesthhod/Scouting Leadership Retreat
Denver North Stake
January 20th & 21st 1994

edited by Jerry Pierce Feb 2, 2000

Scoutmaster's Goals

  1. Help young men to magnify their callings in the Priesthood.
  2. Hold young men close to their families.
  3. Hold young men close to the Church.
  4. Help young men develop strong character traits as outlined in the Scouting Handbook by the Church.
  5. Provide active involvement on community, school, and Church service projects.
  6. Provide the scouts with resources they need to run their activities and meetings.
  7. Teach the scouts correct principles, leadership and scouting skills
  8. Keep accurate records for the scouts
  9. Work with and keep the Primary President what the patrol is doing.
Scout's Goals
  1. Set aside time to work on Scouting outside of Troop Meeting.
  2. With the help of parents, develop a timeline for Scouting advancement, achievements, up to and including Eagle Scout.
  3. Approach Eagle Scout as a Priesthood responsibility.
  4. Inform parents of up coming Scouting events
  5. Use the patrol methods to run the patrol setting time aside for any instructors needed.
Parent's Goals
  1. Help the young man stay focused on achievements. Assist the young men by helping him keep proper records.
  2. Insure that the young man is at every activity.
  3. Provide transportation to and from activities when possible.
  4. Fathers should attend activities when invited.
  5. Participate on the troop committee.
  6. Assist the scouts in learning their Scouting skills.