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SUMMARY Software engineer with significant experience programming in JAVA, C/C++, UNIX Shell, Perl, and MQSeries, with additional experience in web design and development. Major strengths in problem solving, new software design, and research. A creative, well motivated individual who learns fast. 
Java Consultant  
  • Developed a 3-tiered, web-based application for MCI WorldCom which provides MCI employees a graphical viewer and editor for Enhanced Call Routing (ECR) applications in a tree-structure format. Project work included:
    • Sole designer and programmer of the client-side GUI for viewing/editing ECR applications. This GUI used Java Swing components and employed current OO practices using design patterns including Factory, Mediator, and Chain of Responsibility as laid out in Design Patterns by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides.
    • Designed and programmed a configurable validation package to verify accuracy of Enhanced Call Routing trees. XML Schema and Java Reflections were used to make this package easier to maintain and revise without impacting compiled Java classes.
    • Development tools included Jdeveloper and TogetherJ.
Programmer Analyst  
  • Developed a web-based application using JSPs, JAVA servlets, and JDBC, providing a centralized source for displaying product routes, and their associated flight/truck movements.
  • Developer: Customs Clearance Systems
    • Developed 3-tiered Customs Clearance software used to process in-transit packages through Customs.
    • Used embedded SQL in Database management
    • Production support: Corrected occurring software errors,
    • Wrote UNIX Shell and C tools for general maintenance of Clearance software.
    • Wrote Security DLLs
  • MQSeries System Administrator
    • Provided developmental support and problem solving for developers of applications requiring the MQAPI.
    • Developed user tools to simplify management of MQSeries Queue Manager.
    • Taught basic MQ classes to groups using MQSeries.
    • Wrote manuals describing company uses of MQSeries for new administrators.
    • Provided production support, identifying and correcting errors from applications using MQSeries.
SELF EMPLOYMENT 1996-present
Junior Systems Administrator 
  • Responsible for installing, compiling and maintaining various types of software on multiple OS platforms. 
  • Provided technical support including account maintenance, problem-solving, user advisement, system backups and file restorations. 
TEXTWARE CORP - Park City, Utah summer 1996
Student Intern 
  • Learned operation and use of Textware's new document data-recognition software. Developed and designed on-line help pages for product. 
UNISYS - Salt Lake City, Utah 1995-1996 
Software Development Engineer 
  • Conducted tests to verify the effectiveness and accuracy of operating systems. 
  • Assisted with functional definition, design specifications, and technical documentation. 
  • Identified problems, developed design corrections/modifications and provided patches for source code on multiple UNIX operating systems (SVR4, PTX,SVR4/MK). 
  • Patches were electronically delivered to customers, beating deadlines by50%. 
  • Used personal initiative to learn UNIX Shell and Perl programming languages, which were used to update and create effective office management programs. 
Trainer I Computer Software Instructor 
  • Taught courses in WordPerfect 6.1, Excel 5.0, Quattro Pro 6.0, Folio Views, WordPerfect Informs, and use of the Internet enabling employees to gain skills necessary to access available software resources. 
  • Updated existing & developed new software manuals enabling employees to effectively utilize up-to-date programs and materials. 
  • Setup URL (home pages) for the Department of Corrections, which enabled their employees to access information on the Internet. 
EDUCATION University of Utah - Salt Lake City, Utah 
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, June 1997 

Brigham Young University - Provo, Utah 
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, April 1993 

  • TUXEDO application development training course
August 1997
  • Sybase open client programming course
October 1997
  • MQSeries technical boot camp
October 1998
  • MQSeries Application Programming
July 1999

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