My experience with Java began in August 1996. I was immediately delighted with the possibilities Java presents to the programmer and have used it in many projects. I have experience in Java 1.0*, 1.1*, and I am in the process of familiarizing myself with 2.0. Some of my past projects are described below.

Family Album (2004 lines of code)
The Family Album is a shareware genealogy program which will read GedCom (Genealogical Data Communication) files and display them over the Internet. The applet will also read specially modified GedCom files which allow pictures or written histories to be linked with names in the file. The registered version of the program includes software for adding picture and text files to your own genealogy files.

Family Album Editor (7832 lines of code)
The Family Album Editor is an application created to work with the Family Album applet. The Editor allows the user to create and edit their own GedCom files, link pictures and text files to names in the file, etc.
NOTE: Since the Editor is an application, it will not run over the Web. You can see a snapshot of the editor's layout only.

How to fix Moire Patterns (1125 lines of code)
This applet was conceived to help provide information about scanning halftone images. The hands on experience with filters and the explanations included about the applets functions is intended to help other users understand why moire patterns occur in scanning halftone images and how they can be minimized.

Ray Tracer (2157 lines of code)
The Ray Tracer is an application which allows the user to create wire frame images and alter the focal point of these images (triangles, squares, circles and icosahedrons). When the user likes the location of the wire frames they can be rendered in 3D through the ray tracer.
NOTE: Since the Ray Tracer is an application, it will not run over the Web. You can see some examples of what the ray tracer can do.

Polygon Filler
This applet allows the user to draw any kind of polygon, creating lines connected lines on a black screen with the mouse. When the last line is connected to the beginning of the first line the applet fills in the polygon.

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