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    How to run the MedCreator
To run the MultiMedia Gedcom file editor (medcreator) you first need to have the Java Development Kit, Version 1.0.2 (JDKTM1.0.2)

  If you do not have it please go to JDKTM 1.0.2. and follow the instructions to down load it.


Second you will need to add the path of where the java interpreter is located to your path: (this is located in the java\bin directory.) Now you can run the the MultiMedia Gedcom file editor (medcreator).

  To do this go to the directory where medcreator resides and Type java medcreator.

  To make running medcreator easier:

Please refer to the MultiMediaHelp.html file for help running the MultiMedia Gedcom file editor (medcreator)
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