Upon registration of this application, you will receive:

1) A registered Family Album executable file (to rid yourself of that annoying pop-up window on startup),
2) A fully functional MEDcreator which will allow you to:

  • easily add pictures and text files to your own GEDCOM files,
  • automatically create *.html files to run the applet with various *.ged or *.med files (no hand editing of *.html files)
  • create files which can be read through firewalls
  • 3) Eligibility for free product upgrades.
    4) Software technical support
    5) The peace of mind that you have done your part in helping out a starving programmer and perpetuating the shareware system as a whole.

    Please be aware that the registered version of this software is NOT shareware and is governed by a licensing agreement which prohibits the use of the software by more than one user at one time.  It is intended for individual, private use.  Your honesty in abiding by the terms of the license agreement contained in the registered software will help us continue producing quality products like this one.

    To register this applet send $15 cash, check, or money order to:
    (Please add $5 for shipping and handling if you want me to send you the applet to you through the mail)

    Jerry Pierce
    3310 Oro Blanco Dr.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80917

    Please include the following information:

    1) Your name and current mailing address.

    2) Your Email address. (If you do not have an Email address, we will mail the program on a 3.5" disk.)

    3) Indicate whether you wish to receive the version for PC or Macintosh.

    To ask questions or to verify the address for mailing payment, contact

    Copyright 1998, all rights reserved
    no portion of this applet or code may be distributed in any form without express written consent of the author.