In Windows 95:

Because of security constraints, the applet will not allow you to print a Java Applet Window the conventional way through your web browser. In order to print information on applet screens, you must use a screen grab. To perform a screen grab:
1) Make sure window you want to print is the selected (working) window by clicking your mouse anywhere within that window.
2) Perform the screen grab by holding down the alt key while you press the PrintScreen key on your keyboard. This will copy the contents of the active window to the clipboard as a bit-map picture.
3) Open MSPrint or any picture editor of your choice.
4) Use the editor's Paste command to transfer the contents of the clipboard into a new file. You can find Paste under the Edit menu of the main menu bar, or you can paste by pressing ctrl-v.

On a Mac

As in Windows 95, this Java applet will not allow any printing of its windows from your browser. There is a workaround with the Macintosh's built in screen capture command:

1) Make sure the area you wish to capture is visible.
2) Use the command(open apple)-shift-3 keystroke (under system 7 and better). You should hear a camera snapshot sound.
3) A new pict icon should appear. Open it with any image viewer (or simpletext for that matter) and print it. Or simply print it from the desktop.

On a Unix system

Use an application like 'xv' or 'capture' to get a screenshot. Unfortunately, this is imperfect information.

Any users who have ideas about an efficient way to get a screenshot from UNIX please email the author of this program at: