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The Genealogy MediaApplet is a shareware program which will read GedCom genealogy files (*.ged) and display them over the Internet. The applet will also read a specially modified GedCom file which allows inclusion of related pictures or histories with the names in the file. Any person in the file for whom pictures or histories have been included will appear with a "{P}" or a "{T} " after their name in the family tree and the appropriate buttons will appear in the Information Window . The registered version of the program includes software for adding picture and text files to your own genealogy files. NOTE: This does not actually change your *.ged files, but saves the modified files separately, with a different file extension (*.med).

See a demo of the applet.
See the unregistered version run.
*** Note: This program requires a java-capable browser ***
*** Note: If you are behind a firewall you will not be able to view the unregistered version of this applet. ***

Get the unregistered Family Album Applet (To use this applet with your GEDCOM files please follow these instructions: How to run the applet with your info. (new window))

Get the unregistered medcreator application for PC or UNIX. (must have a current JDK from Sun Microsystems)
*** Mac version coming soon! ***

Get general help and registration information here. (pop-up window)
How to use the applet's interface. (new window)
How to run the applet with your info. (new window)
How to run your trial version of the Med Creator program. (new window)

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